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1/2"-4" Pipe Freeze Kit

1/2"-4" pipe freeze kit WT400 pipe freeze kit Liquid C02 pipe freeze kit. This kit comes with  3 different size jackets to handle 1/2"-4" steel, copper & plastic pipelines. The jackets are designed to be easy to install and comes with high pressure hoses, detailed instructions on freeze times and estimated liquid C02 consumption rates.

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1/2"-4" Dual Freeze Kit

1/2"-4" Dual Freeze Kit WT400D dual pipe freeze kit. This kit is same as WT 400 except is is designed to perform dual freezes at the same time. has extra high pressure hoses and fittings, gloves, safety glasses and instruction guide.

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6"-8" Pipe Freeze Kits

6"-8" WT-600 pipe freeze kit We have designed a liquid C02 kit capable of freezing 6"-8" steel, copper and plastic pipelines. This kit comes with high pressure hoses, freeze jackets, safety glasses, gloves, instruction guide & carry case.  Based off our same design as the smaller kits except the freeze jackets have quad injection ports to deliver the needed liquid C02 to freeze the larger pipelines..

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